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We will tailor a comprehensive support plan that maximizes your IT investment and ensure your operations run smoothly. We are dedicated to making your IT systems reliable and cost effective. We know when you need support, you need it now.

Remote Support Tools

Concentrics also employs a comprehensive set of remote support tools that allows us to more efficiently and quickly provide support when we can. Let's face it, if your support team can get online and resolve the problem, everybody wins! There is no waiting for your team to drive to your location so the problem gets resolved faster and costs you less.

Preventative Maintenance of Your Systems

As part of our systematic approach to your support, we will provide a monthly preventative maintenance procedure were we will review your systems to head off potential problems before they cost you money. Many times we catch hardware or software failures before they take your operation down.

We've Got a Record

Concentrics has a long record of providing competent, timely support services you can trust. With over 25 years in the IT support and services business, Concentrics builds and maintains their customer's systems in a professional and standards based approach, assuring that your issues will be resolved quickly and professionally. Trust is the most prized element of our relationship with our customers and we understand it is earned.

Our Systems Engineers are the Best

Our technical teams are selected not only for their technical prowess, but more importantly, for their ability to communicate effectively with our customers and give them the right information to make proper business decisions. Without proper training and experience, other IT operations may cobble solutions together which are neither efficient, reliable or well designed.

Our "Centerline" Support Portal

Allows you to quickly and easily open a support request that is monitored and tracked through the entire support process. Opening a support request is as easy as sending an email. Centerline will automatically respond back to you with a ticket number and notify your support team with the request.

"We have a small law firm and were having a very difficult time finding a computer service to fit our needs and our budget. After much trial and error, we were referred to Concentrics and David Santistevan by another law firm. We are so happy to have gotten this referral. David Santistevan met with us to get an understanding of our law firm and our needs. He did not oversell his product, but tailored it to meet our needs. We rarely have difficulty with the service, and when we do, we get an immediate response. The price is fair and affordable. The security and confidentiality, an extremely important part of our business, is impeccable. I would and have recommended Concentrics to any business needing computer services."
Carrie H. Clein
Managing Partner (Harrington, Brewster, Mahoney, Smits)

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