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""We are a global corporation with a small corporate office in Colorado and I have been outsourcing our IT needs to Concentrics, Inc. for the last six years. They are knowledgeable, professional and responsive. I look to them not only for more complex issues but for guidance in planning and implementation of large scale projects. I also appreciate that they are willing to educate me about a problem instead of merely resolving it. They are very sensitive to helping me control costs without sacrificing first class service. We couldn't ask for a better partner to keep our business IT needs up and running without any glitches." - Jill Thompson, Operations

Kit Carson County Health

 "We have been a customer of Concentrics Inc. since 2006. I have been particularly impressed by the wealth of knowledge of the techs in multiple specialties. Previous vendors would put me in a callback queue for a particular problem and then if the problem lapsed into another area (i.e. exchange, SQL, etc.) I would be put back into another callback queue for another tech who was an expert in that particular field. It would sometimes take hours before the original problem was addressed by the appropriate personnel. The Concentrics techs have a vast array of knowledge in multiple areas and can usually solve the problem with the first call. Also, Concentrics commitment to a speedy resolution is unmatched. They have been willing to work day and night, and even remotely while on a family vacation to ensure that our needs are met in a timely manner." - Arlan Tanner, Director of Information Technology

Harris Law Firm

"I trust Concentrics to run the IT infrastructure of my law firm. In fact, I consider Dave and his team to be true business allies and friends. They are knowledgeable, hardworking, and absolutely top-notch in terms of integrity. We went through a number of IT companies prior to finding Concentrics, and I know from painful, historical experience that you really need to be careful when choosing an IT company. I would recommend Concentrics wholeheartedly, and without any hesitation."- Richard Harris, CEO

Ascend Geo

"For over two years, Concentrics has provided consistent, value-for-money IT support to our company though both growth and downturn cycles. From the beginning, they have been an obvious choice for our business model which requires skill-sets commonly associated with an internal IT department but without the full-time costs. Concentrics staff is great at immediately responding to critical problems, offering timely phone assistance where possible, and helping us forecast longer-term needs and considerations. Put simply, our business would not run smoothly or efficiently without Concentrics". - Rob Foster, V.P. of Operations.

Schaden, Katzman, Lampert & Mcclune

 "In 2009 we switched our computer support to Concentrics after having many frequent computer disruptions arise on our system. Concentrics and their staff have been great. Our computer issues have decreased dramatically since switching to Concentrics. When the occasional computer issue does arise, Concentrics has always been able to quickly and efficiently fix the problem, often even during weekends and evenings, and at times by logging into our server remotely to solve the issue. Therefore, since switching to Concentrics we have actually been able to reduce the amount of on-going IT work on our system, and have thus reduced our annual IT costs, while having a system that runs better than it had in the past." - Andy Lee

Pruett Scholes

"Pruett Scholes Insurance Group has been working with Concentrics for over a year with great success. Concentrics has helped us streamline many of our IT functions. We don't have to think about the service and maintenance of costly in-house systems. Everything works maintenance free for us and the price is very competitive. I recommend Concentrics IT services to any company that wants hassle free IT" - Jamie Pruett

Denver Medical Library

"The Denver Medical Library has been with Concentrics since they first began business. We are consistently pleased with their expertise and knowledge. Our service requests are handled promptly and efficiently. As a library we use several programs that are unique to our operation. Concentrics has easily mastered each application that we have needed help with to keep us running smoothly. They have offered invaluable advice and support to advance our electronic capabilities. In short, I doubt that anyone could find a more reliable, courteous, friendly company to take care of their computer support." - Sharon Martin

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