About Us

Responsive. Consistent. Knowledgeable.

Our Mission

Concentrics will offer our customers a premium IT services solution with an exceptional value. We are committed to providing best in class services that will help our customers succeed by ensuring that they maximize their investment in their IT infrastructure, to reduce operating costs and maintain an IT technology competitive advantage in their business market.

Our history

We’ve been proudly serving the greater Denver area for over 25 years. Concentrics has a long record of providing competent, timely support services you can trust. We know that when dealing with smaller, less skilled organizations you do not always get the right solution to a problem. 

Our Formula For Your Success



We want to learn about your business! Concentrics provides IT services in the Colorado Front Range area. Our customers are organizations of less than two hundred employees and, most importantly, companies that need a strategic IT partner to not only provide day to day services but also strategic and tactical planning to meet their business goals. 



The most important part of developing a relationship with our customers is making sure that we are the right fit to provide the highest level of services at an exceptional value. One of our core beliefs is that success is the result of doing a few things exceptionally well and that trying to provide all things to all people generally will not allow you to maintain quality and consistency.



We only offer services in which we know we have extensive experience, training and resources to ensure that our customers are getting the best solutions available.



By consistently providing the right solutions at the right prices, we have our customers’ implicit trust as a valued member of their team. 

Why Choose Us?

Treat customers with respect and provide consistent, responsive support to ensure the reliability of our customer’s business critical systems.

Success in providing world class support services is not an accident. Concentrics takes a formulated approach to providing support that ensures our customers receive the highest level of support available, always.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Engineers can communicate effectively and clearly to assure you that you have all the facts to make the right decisions. 

Our customers have come to appreciate that we are highly responsive to their support needs. Our 4 hour guaranteed Service Level Agreement demonstrates our commitment to fast, reliable services. 

Making sure our customers get the same level of support every time is a cornerstone of our service offering. We accomplish this through stringent hiring practices, training and automation tools.

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